About Bee Services

Bee Removal Info

  • The never seen quote over the phone Or flat rate deals are to prey on those not familiar with the problems that could arise if honey and wax is not properly cleaned and removed.  (It melts in then the bees  are attracted to your whole house every year).  Regrettably, bee removal, like with most products or services, you get what you pay for, especially with bees.
  • Some others, they will ask for a donation, show up unannounced and hack into your home with no care that they have to repair it, because they won’t. Often after many weeks or more of waiting to hear back from the initial phone calls.

Location & Access

  • Our Wranglers often drive great distances, all over Central Texas to help customers. Our prices depend on time to setup and we give a bid on estimated time and need for gear we need. The more info you can give us the better we can be prepared and offer a correct price.
  • Sorry to say the bee removal isn’t free and We donate many of the hives that we rescue.

 Every Hive Is Different With Many Variables

Cost Comparable To Pest Control

  • Swarm collection runs around (+-125).
  • Ground level  hivesr no ladder required. (350+)
  • One story under 12 feet( 550+)
  •  2nd story or 3 story (12 feet or higher may require scaffolding or lift ) 600+
  • Scaffolding setup 200$ per level

After we Leave

  • We then we take the Bees to the rescue apiary in Kyle Tx.


  • Payment is due upon start of work, Sorry its dangerous work and bees can be unpredictable
  •  Credit card information may be held if your not available at the time we are getting started if you want to use another form of payment.

Wasp Spray And Other Honey Contaminants

Don’t , It Will Melt The Honeycomb And Kill Other Bees

  • Wasp Spray will not kill right away, the bees actually avoid it, If we don’t know its there will kill our own bee hives if they eat the honey the contaminated bees walked on after coming in contact.
  •  Other bee hives will rob or steal the contaminated honey keep it sealed up and we can remove and clean up your honey mess if you spill honey or killed your bees.
  • Never leave contaminated honey out. If left out and available they will swarm into a  frenzy fast and kills those hives.

Owner / bee wrangler

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