What is a honeybee wrangler?

 So whats a honeybee wrangler?  Honeybee wranglers are a type of extreme beekeeper. We offer long term solutions to a dangerous and sometimes life threatening honeybee hive with live removal & relocation services from Austin to San Antonio. We are not like any honey badger who doesn’t care. We carefully take things apart because we also save you the hassle of finding a contractor or fixing it yourself. We specialize in doing our own repairs as well as paint to make it look as if we didn’t remove 30 – 100 pounds of honey and honeycomb out of the structure. Wranglers know the importance of sealing the scent of the old hive most other guys dont tell you that’s the most powerful bee pheromone part of a hive. Oh the scent of bees, so powerful it can attract for many years to come.


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