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Bee Swarms

Bee Swarms   A swarm of honeybees is very common through the months of March to June. Usually 3000-8000 bees that are in transition to start a new hive. Swarms will typically land and rest on trees or other areas

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More About The Honeybee

Bee in the know Honey bees can produce substantial amounts of honey, as can several other bee species. As pollinators, honey bees are critical to the environment and the food supply. Unfortunately, they also can become a medical and structural

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About Bee Services

Bee Removal Info The never seen quote over the phone Or flat rate deals are to prey on those not familiar with the problems that could arise if honey and wax is not properly cleaned and removed.  (It melts in

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  Bee Removal Austin pics and vids    

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What is a honeybee wrangler?

 So whats a honeybee wrangler?  Honeybee wranglers are a type of extreme beekeeper. We offer long term solutions to a dangerous and sometimes life threatening honeybee hive with live removal & relocation services from Austin to San Antonio. We are

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