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Bee Removal is extremely dangerous and must always be done by a professional.

Hives have a minimum of six to eight thousand bees and can get as large as a 80 pounds with sixty to eighty thousand bees. Depending on the age of the hive and if they are breeding queens, the bees can be very territorial. The queen will produce five-hundred to fifteen-hundred worker bees a day, with almost all of them being female, so the hives’ natural instincts are to be very protective of the young bees and the work they have put into creating the colony.

Do not kill bees.

If a hive is killed inside a structure the honey left will attract more bees to recolonize the same general area. When honeycomb is not removed the larva will rot, attracting insects and rodents, as well as causing structural damage. It is very important to remove each bee hive correctly. ATX Bee Removal LLC  live removal and relocation success rate allows you to save money and help the environment, while ensuring the bee removal is done correctly.

live bee removal

bee removal under a house


  • Removal of Bees or Hornets.
  • Removal of all honeycomb in necessary to remove the bees.
  • Repairs to the cut-out available .
  • It’s our goal to make your home look like it was never opened up.
  • We mask the very powerful bee pheromones that can attract bees back to you home.
  • We use infrared technology and our knowledge of home construction to find the beehive.
  • We take great pride in the honest quality of work.

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