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We remove and relocate honeybees with repairs to keep them from coming back.

Your biggest investment is your home, we make sure all the honeycomb is removed.

ATX Bee Removal LLC is licensed and insured to handle your residential or commercial problem.

We also remove wasp, hornets, And bumble bees.

 Agriculture exemption setup & hive services are also available.

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pulling out a big section of honeycomb

Carefully Removing The 40 Pounds of Honeycomb

  • Relocating, not just removing the honeybees, is the best way to be part of the solution, not the problem.
  • Saving the bees requires the colony as a one whole living organism be cut out and removed.
    • Honeybees are vital to the crops and food. Every 2 of 3 bites of food you eat was pollinated by a bee.
    • Honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate due to CCD and other environmental factors
    •  If the hive melts or pieces are left then you run the risk of the bees coming back due to the pheromones of old hive year after year.
    • The bees cool the hive and keep it from melting. because of this a live removal of the bee colony intact on the honeycomb is the best solution to help prevent a melted comb or honey is not left behind to attract rats, insects and new swarms of bees.
  • We are competitive with pest control companies and other bee service providers.
  • We can also provide your home with paint and repairs to the cuts we made.
  • Extensive repair, whole home seals, and painting are available.
  • Large hives may need to air for a week to 6 weeks to allow pheromones to dissipate.
  • Special bee vacuum that saves the bees and we try to save every hive.
  • Trap-outs available (requires 6-8 weeks with monitoring)

 The Bee Wrangler

Owner/ Honeybee Wrangler Braden Smoot

Owner/ Bee Wrangler Braden Smoot

  •   Owner Braden Smoot
    • 8 years of bee experience
    • Served in the Navy Reserve
    • Eagle Scout
    • Active Member of the National Eagle Scout Association
    • Experienced in home construction, auto mechanics, and wildlife control
    • Travis County Beekeepers Association Member

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