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pulling out a big section of honeycomb

Carefully Removing The 40 Pounds Honeycomb From Home Subfloor Near Mopac and 2222

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Honeybees are vital to the crops and food we need and they are disappearing at an alarming rate!

Relocation is the only way to be part of the solution not the problem.

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Live Bee Removal & Relocation

Braden the beeman cutting wall to do bee removal austin

Bee Wrangler at work on removing the large amount of honeycomb in bee removal austin.

  • Our service is live bee removal, swarm removal, relocation, with prevention methods that are unmatched by the competition.
  • We offer patching or repair, prevention, and painting after the cutout for a one stop bee service.
  • We safely remove the bee colony with the honeycomb from your home, this way your left with no melted honey left behind walls to attract rats and insects.
  • We use a special bee vacuum that saves the bees and we try to save every hive.
  • most of the bees  are donated to local beekeepers or use on local farms.
  • Once healthy again the can be moved out of the rescue apiary care.
  • About Us 

    • We keep hives and donate as well to other beekeepers.
    • Owned & operated by Braden Smoot.
    • He served in the Navy Reserve, & is a member of the National Eagle Scout Association.
    • Experienced and in home construction and design, this help when locating beehives located behind walls.
    • Trapping & relocating other wild animals is available in oct- feb when the bees are not active.
  • The Solution

  •  We remove all wax and comb with honeybees intact and scrape clean.
  • Cover and remove the strong smell of the bee hive.
  • We repair the cutout and patch the hole unless it needs to air (larger hives).
  • Honey and old hive = new swarms of bees anywhere in the house.
  • Infrared cameras and other devices help locate any melted honey and the hive within the wall.
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